Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Peeing on the bias MSNBC cornflakes

"Alright...who peed in my cornflakes?" I couldn't help but check out the most bias news organization in America (MSNBC) this morning. Scott Browns victory in the Massachusetts Senate race is the best described by these liberal "spin doctors" as painful, their faces were so sad. As expected: "Martha Coakley should have notified the white house sooner, the democratic party simply did not get their message out to the people, and if the DNC had more time earlier on... this election would have turn out differently". "Yeah right! They still don't get it, one thing for sure... they hear us now"!

Chris Matthews was doing a double take, as he mentioned his daughter's concern about the national debt the Obama administration has piled on America. He "acted" like he was worried about the U.S. debt?

"Conservatives are hypocrites."-Chris Matthews

Rachel Maddow true to form, as "a bottom of the barrel" news reporter, lead with reporting of Scott Browns remarks about "his daughters being available, for anyone who was interested". What you believe as a "weird statement" as he accepted the voters your "focus" as your lead piece, calling the campaign..."dishonest", Yeah right!!

Today, Morning Joe (MSNBC) was like pulling teeth. Reporting that there was a Republican elected in the most blue state in the union, the most liberal state in the country, Massachusetts has elected a conservative? We're talking "Shock and Awe" on these reporters faces. Painful as it will be, I am looking forward to the elections this year, I will flip the channel... just to watch the look on these liberals. There's a saying... "Watch out for the people you step-on on your way up, you'll run into them on your way down".

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All joking aside: CAN YOU HEAR US NOW?

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